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Our services include providing high quality DJs for any event, party or function and tailoring a lighting and sound package to suit your room and location requirements. We also promote and host our own events and act as a DJ talent agency for local pubs and clubs around Newcastle and the Hunter.

Why have a DJ?

When it comes to deciding on the entertainment for your special event there are many important questions you will need to ask yourself. Do I want a band, DJ, or supply my own music? Is my sound system adequate for the venue I have just paid a large deposit for? What lighting will I need and where will I set them up? How much of the budget do we have available to spend on entertainment? Where will I get all the music from and will people actually enjoy it? And the most common question at any event, which I’m sure you have witnessed somewhere at the most inappropriate time, “why isn’t the microphone working?”


These are all very important factors that will determine whether your guests walk away thinking “wow, what a fantastic night!”, or fleeing the venue immediately after the bar tab has run out.


So why is a DJ a great choice for your event or party? Unlike bands, DJs are affordable, have a very diverse range of music and are excellent value for money. Bands are great if you have upwards of $2,500 in your budget, but they also require longer set-up/pack-up times, take up more space, and have a slimmer selection of songs that guests can request.

Budget restrictions can also lead to a belief that the entertainment can be left to a few flashing lights and an iPod set up in the corner. So much of the success of an event is dependent upon the entertainment and the type of music that guests will be listening to, so cutting costs in this area is possibly one of the worst places to do it. Choosing an iPod over a DJ can be disastrous as a DJ is able to select high quality music, has a vast range of songs from all genres, will deliver you flawless mixing and will keep your crowd entertained.

Band, DJ, or iPod?

Music Selection & Quality

Who owns this iPod and who put the song list together? Usually iPod’s contain the favored music genre of one individual. They may have good taste in music, but does it reflect the spread of ages and musical tastes of all the guests? And what happens when someone doesn’t like a song and takes it upon themselves to start sifting through the playlist for something they want to listen to, cutting out songs halfway through? You don’t want to be the one guarding an iPod all night, you want to be talking with your guests and enjoying your event that has taken months of planning and organising.

Music quality is important to Mane Events and we respect the technical aspects behind it. Most songs downloaded from the Internet are either 128kbps, or 256kbps if purchased through iTunes. The only sound quality that should be broadcast through a professional PA system is 320kbps (two channels of 160kbps quality).

Don’t know what any of this means? That’s why you need a DJ!

Flawless Mixing

Nothing ruins a dancefloor faster than a 2-second gap between each song, followed by a long intro or a bad quality radio-rip. The DJs at Mane Events have the skill and ability to flawlessly mix between songs and start or end songs from the right point for the mix. This “beatmixing” is practiced by our DJs at gigs every week and perfected so there are no awkward silences or bad quality songs interrupting the energy of your event.

Total Control

At Mane Events, our DJs don’t just control the music being played. We have the skills and knowledge to set up and use the sound system, lights, microphones and know your special nights sequence of events (especially important for your wedding). They are also qualified to take control of the dancefloor, make announcements and tell people “no” in a professional manner if the intoxicated friend or brother-in-law keeps trying to request the current dancefloor anthem right when the DJ knows people will be asked to take their seats for dinner.

Your Money Well Spent

As you have probably realised there are many factors in deciding what type of entertainment you need to make your event, THE event. Mane Events' professional DJs will work with you to decide the music, sound and lighting requirements you will need for your venue, as well as accommodating any music genre and style you desire.

We offer a number of options and extras to cater for any event and will guarantee a price that is both affordable, gives you value for money and is cheaper than any other professional DJ company in Newcastle and the Hunter. So when it comes to entertaining your guests and making your special night one to remember, the question is not whether you can afford to hire a DJ, but can you afford NOT to!

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